Friday, March 16, 2012

Research Approved! & Other Updates

My research proposal (for Women in Jewish Culture) was approved! Hooray. I will be focusing on a piece of midrash by Judith Plaskow; "The Coming of Lilith", written in 1972. It utilizes the rabbinic legend of Lilith to present some significant concepts such as: feminist interpretation of Judaism (anger toward the patriarchies!) and a metaphorical representation of sisterhood to display the strength of the feminist movement. Judith Plaskow is a Clark alumni, which makes this even cooler.

I won't begin working on this paper until a bit later in the semester, however. Currently I'm in the process of transcribing my interviews for my Women in Society paper. I'm excited to be done transcribing so that I can begin to look into how my participants' experiences fit into the overall conceptualizations of ageism displayed in media and texts. This paper is due on Tuesday - fifteen pages! Which feels like a lot, but since I'll be including quotes from the interviews and relevant information from the literature, it shouldn't be so difficult.

Also due on Tuesday are my introduction & methods sections for my final research paper in Lab in Social Psychology. In class we'll be working on data entry, so I anticipate gathering more data over the weekend so as to make the best of that class time.

And, finally, for my Jewish Studies independent study I'll begin to examine a book titled Illness and Health in the Jewish Tradition: Writings from the Bible to Today. This book seems 100% relevant considering the topic I'll be focusing my final paper on - biblical dictations of how to treat ill folks compared to more modern interpretations. I'm excited to begin formatting an outline of thoughts for how I'd like to write the final paper.

It's a bit rainy today, but I've been hearing rumors that Monday will be much warmer. I hope everyone is doing well!


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