Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inglorious Updates

Lately all I've wanted to do is write letters from the 4th floor of Goddard Library and to lie in bed and watch "Scrubs". But then I probably wouldn't do any of my work and then I might not receive favorable grades. So, instead of doing those things aforementioned, I am preparing a presentation for Friday's Women in Society class while I screen Inglorious Basterds for SCRN 114.

On Friday, my presentation-partner and I will present on six theories related to the construction of womanhood. Using course readings and class notes, we are supposed to examine the theories and answer the following question: "are the explanations proposed in these various theories similar, compatible, complementary, or inconsistent? Which is which? Explain your answer."

Each group in the class has their own question to answer, but since the course is a seminar set-up, everyone will be required to have done at least a bit of preparation for each question.

In addition to preparing for Friday's presentation, I have also been spending my time on data-entry for Lab in Social Psych, and on a bit of research for my Jewish Studies capstone. I am sad to report that I'm fairly far-behind, at least when taken into consideration a reasonable expectation of how much I can write in a short period of time while simultaneously continuing to do work for my other courses. I am hoping that as data entry wraps up and as I move past smaller projects, more time will open up for other things. But that is a silly supposition, because by that time it will be finals. I'm sure I'll find some time somewhere to squeeze everything in.

Anyway! This weekend there are some great events happening. On Friday, at 7pm, International Gala is holding its annual event in the Kneller Athletic Center, this year called "The Beat Goes On".
And on Saturday, at 7:30pm in Razzo Hall, Clark Sinfonia is holding its Spring Concert! Hooray.

I hope that everyone is doing well! 

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