Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lovely Weather, Papers, & Events

It has been so lovely in Worcester lately! Earlier this week, I was able to spend two days (in a row!) sitting on the green with friends. I was working on papers, which makes it slightly less pleasant, but still! A nice change from sitting inside all day. So many students have been milling about; playing Frisbee, laying around, reading, playing music. I meant to take pictures, but forgot my camera both days. Luckily, Clark University's facebook page posted some of their own. Take a look here.

This week has thus far been busy, but will be full of fun things after tomorrow. For Tuesday I completed both my interview paper for Women in Society, and my introduction & methods drafts for my final research paper in Lab in Social Psych. The interview paper ended up being around fourteen pages, plus an additional twelve/thirteen for each transcript. So many pages! I am endlessly pleased to be done writing it, though it was super interesting to me; I focused on ageism in society, comparing & contrasting my two participants' experiences within the context of articles and books on the subject. So neat! I found, mostly, quite a bit of overlap between their experiences and literature on the subject.

Currently I am at work, screening a Quentin Tarantino film in Razzo for SCRN 114. Soon I will begin studying for my exam in Women in Jewish Culture, which is tomorrow.

But then, after my exam, so many fun things! Tomorrow evening I will be attending opening night of Footloose, hosted by CMT (Clark Musical Theater). I saw Pooter McGraw is Not Dead Party last weekend, but it is playing again this week. Shenanigans is having an improv show tomorrow! And lastly, Clark Historical Society is hosting a Speakeasy club event in the grind on Friday! Which is neat. So many fun things.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely week so far!

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