About Me

I am a Senior at Clark University, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Jewish Studies.

Originally I come from Portland, Maine, and thus I maintain a fairly high level of infatuation with the Atlantic Ocean, elderly people, and barefeet, all of which can be found in abundance there.

I like to spend my time with cats, but when cats are unavailable I turn to the following activities: admiring facial hair, reading books, photoshopping pictures of my friends, collecting used magazines from recycling bins, playing piano, and drawing upset-looking cartoons.

Additionally, here on campus I am involved with the Clark University Film Society (CUFS) and Radio of Clark University (ROCU). I maintain an eboard position with CUFS, and every Thursday night I host a radio show with friends as a part of ROCU.

Following my time at Clark, I hope to pursue a career as a Jewish Chaplain or hospice worker, spending my time with infirm in hospitals and lending them comfort. Conceivably my studies in psychology and Jewish studies will lend me a strong basis to do so.