Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-Spring Break! Quick Class Updates

Spring break is over! And I am surrounded by beautiful sunshine and warm weather and piles of so much homework (but surprisingly little snow). All I want to do is hang out on the green with the hundreds of other Clark students who, it appears, have finally emerged from winter hibernation and are, as I type, likely playing Frisbee. Alas. Homework prevails.

Over the break I spent time in Portland (Maine!), where I hung out with cats and pals and successfully completed a portion of the interview project for Women in Society. I interviewed two women of two different generations regarding their experiences with age and ageism. The interviews were successful, thanks to lovely participants, and this week I will transcribe the interviews, and then hopefully write the paper this weekend (the class received an extension on the due date! Great things).

For Lab in Social Psychology, we are still in the process of data collection. At some point this week I hope to have time to collect the majority of the data, if not all of it. Soon we will have drafts of our introductions and methods sections due, and then we will have to start the process of data entry and conclusion-gathering. I have thus far found one article to aid in my literature review, but am still on the look-out for more.

Right before Spring Break began, each student turned in a research proposal to the professor for our final papers in Women in Jewish Culture. I am hoping to write about feminist midrash, but will not know until sometime this week if my proposal has been approved.

And for my independent study/capstone for Jewish Studies, I have looked through a bit more of the psalms (despite my original discomfort with them) and am looking forward to reading a book that Prof. Fox ordered regarding illness and comfort.

This week will be busy (I have a pal visiting! + homework and things), but I will try to keep updating on my courses. This Friday is a senior event: the "2012 Hours Till Graduation" dance, which is exciting. Also beginning this week is a Clark play called "Pooter McGraw is Not Dead Party", which is also exciting. And on Friday, CUFS will be screening a documentary regarding suicide at 9pm in Jefferson 320.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather! To contrast Worcester's recent warmth, here's a photo of the snow in a cemetery in Portland through which I strolled only days ago.


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