Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mid-Terms (& Columbus Day Weekend) Approaching

Earlier today a friend of mine from a fellow Worcester school, WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), visited me here at Clark. "It's nearly midterms!" I exclaimed to him as we wandered the streets near the Clark campus. "Midterms?" He responded with one eyebrow raised, "they should be called mid-semesters".

Despite what you choose to call them, they are indeed approaching hastily. This upcoming weekend (a week from Monday/Tuesday) is Columbus Day break, and two of my four professors have made sure to squeeze in exams before the break begins. Tonight I will continue studying for my Tuesday exam in American Jewish Life (SOC 203). And on Thursday, I will have my exam in Narratives of the Hebrew Bible (JS 117). Luckily, my Tuesday exam is open-book/open-notes (we will be able to use the notes we've taken in class and texts assigned in order to provide evidence for in-class essays). And over the weekend, Professor Fox (of the Jewish Studies course) sent around a study-guide for the Thursday exam. So thankfully, I'm not feeling too nervous about either exam.

Additionally, this upcoming Wednesday, during my COPACE course, I'll have a chance to attend a Social; "COPACE Socials 5-6 p.m. Jonas Clark Hall. Enjoy food and informal conversations with COPACE students, faculty and staff" (as seen on the COPACE website here). Professor Nowicki mentioned it during our previous class; I had never heard of it, and I must say, I am excited to meet other COPACE students, faculty, and staff.

I'm going to stop writing for now so I can study some more for my Tuesday exam. Happy October to everyone! I'm beginning to get excited for all of the fun October events that Clark has planned, specifically:
1. CUFS Horror Week (October 23rd - October 29th)& Midnight Screening of RHPS (October 29th/30th)
2. OPEN's Annual Coming Out Stories (October 12th)
3. CUSC's free bus to Boston every other Saturday
4. The annual trip to Salem on October 22nd (only $5!)

Alright, studying time. I'll update with more class news soon! Here's a picture of students walking outside of the Academic Commons at Goddard Library to tide you over until my next entry.

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