Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(Brief) Rainy Day Thoughts

Currently, I'm doing a bit of laundry and contemplating which homework I should work on. My options:
1. Research paper/presentation over circumcision & how its meaning has shifted over time in the United States (for SOC 203 - American Jewish Life)
2. Brainstorming research paper ideas for (my COPACE course) The Final Chapter: A Study in Death and Dying final paper/presentation
3. Writing my book report on Veronika Decides to Die (by Paulo Coehlo) for a 3-5 page paper/mini-presentation, also for The Final Chapter
4. Beginning more in-depth examination of prosopagnosia for my capstone research paper (PSYC 270)
5. Watching some youtube clips that my JS 117: Narratives of the Hebrew Bible professor just emailed around to the class

... yup, youtube wins.

Today was a rainy day, and one of my classes was canceled (surprise!) so all I was required to do this afternoon was to project Killer of Sheep for the SCRN 101 class.

Besides that, it's been one of those quiet, let's-drink-a-lot-of-coffee-and-get-really-distracted-watching-the-rain-and-not-really-do-much-else days.

I have only one class tomorrow because my later one was canceled. But, I will do some things! In addition to my SOC 203 class, I shall be attending the Active Minds weekly meeting at 6pm, followed by Clark Musical Theater's "Gender Bender" Cabaret at 7pm.

On Saturday, I'm very excited to take the New England Excursions $5 bus to Salem for the third (and last!) time.

Beginning this next week (Sunday) is CUFS' Horror Week, followed by the annual midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 29th/30th. Also, my birthday! On Halloween.

I think I will head out now to do a bit of research/reading. I hope everyone has a pleasant evening, and a nice rainy Thursday tomorrow. I'll write again soon with updates on homework/fun club things.

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