Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emerging from the Spring Break Hibernation

Yesterday I had the terrifying realization that - gasp - I have homework! Being home for Spring Break allowed me to slide back into the cozy mindset of relaxation in which free time could be spent reading/watching movies/hanging out with family & cats, completely guilt-free. Alas, the revelation has occurred and it's about time for me to get back into the swing of things and use my brain again.

Soon I will be returning to Clark (very early tomorrow morning, in fact) and I will be instantly absorbed by my busy Monday-class schedule. In addition, housing forms are due tomorrow! I am probably one of few who are planning to continue using Clark housing through senior year. However, I have officially moved out of the traditional dorms and I am hoping to live again in one of the Clark houses, the wellness house. This year I had a very pleasant experience living there; it was generally quiet, with kind and polite residents. Rather than experiencing the somewhat overwhelming bustle of living with lots of other students, I was able to settle into a routine in a smaller & cozier house, something that felt more comfortable for me personally.

The rest of the semester should go by quickly now - I have a few more projects in addition to classes going more in-depth into their subject-matter. For Human Sexuality I have a reflection paper due on Wednesday based on my experiences doing one of the following: 1. attending a drag show, 2. going to a strip club, 3. visiting a sex shop, or watching one of three movies ("Hedwig & the Angry Inch", "Ma Vie en Rose", or "Secretary"). The paper will reflect my own ideas about sex, based on the information I've absorbed from past experiences and thus far from class. I will update again when I have decided on what to write my paper.

I will also be working on two group projects this semester. The first is for human sexuality; my group will be examining Gender Identity Disorder and then preparing a twenty-minute presentation for the class. The second project is an ongoing project for Qualitative Methods in Psychology; as I've mentioned previously, we will practice interviewing each other within in the group and then later interview elderly volunteers. I am excited about this project! Not just because I love the elderly, but also because I enjoy hearing people's stories.

Alright, I'm off to finish packing things for my return to Clark. Happy First Day of Daylight Saving's! I hope everyone's not feeling too bummed about the loss of one hour of sleep.

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