Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Graaaaaiiiiiiiiiinssssss! (Because I'm a vegetarian zombie)

CUFS (Clark U. Film Society) has been a positive part of my Clark life not only because I love to watch movies, but also because it has connected me with students who are Screen Studies majors. I spent a bit of the weekend and a good chunk of my Tuesday evening filming two separate movies with friends. It's been a bit stressful trying to get it done around the end of classes/finals time, but I imagine it's even worse for them; I'm very pleased that I have nothing to do with the (tiring and monotonous?) editing process. 
Because my friend is incredibly talented with zombie makeup, I am including a picture of her zombifying me and another of the final product (for one of the films, though it would be great to just be a zombie without reason).

I feel somewhat alarmed that the semester is almost over! It's gone by so quickly. I'm fairly certain that my time at Clark overall has been simultaneously the most pleasant topped with a feeling of expeditiousness time-wise. I'm not sure why, but college has seemed to go by quicker than any other period in my life thus far. 

For my Holocaust: Agency & Action course we've recently been reading a few first-hand accounts. I found myself particularly drawn to Primo Levi's Survival in Auschwitz. He was arrested in 1943 and loaded onto freight trains with 650 others for a four-day journey to Auschwitz. Of those initial 650, only 135 were admitted. 
His entire book lends itself to the concept of a lack of humanity. I felt somewhat disturbed by his unemotional and scientific (yet strangely poetic) language, though in retrospect, it helped to indicate just how dehumanizing this entire experience was. 

I will spend a bit of today putting together my final paper for Experimental Methods; it's due on Monday but the TA sent around an email saying we would be working on it in discussion later. I will also hopefully get started on my fourth and final article analysis on youth in Tanzania for Adolescent Development

Best wishes to everyone for a pleasant hump day and rest of the week!

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