Sunday, December 12, 2010

The final (exam) stretch

I'm taking a bit of a break from studying and writing my paper to update. I've been spending this rainy Sunday touching up my Experimental Methods in Psychology final paper, and once I'm written my cover letter I will move onto preparation for my Agency & Action (Holocaust) final. The professor was wonderfully kind and had one of the TA's email all of the students a list of essay questions that will be on the final exam this Wednesday. We are allowed to bring in one sheet of paper (with notes written on the front & back) which we will be able to use to help guide our essays. I am grateful for this help, seeing as I have two additional finals on Thursday. My Adolescent Development final exam starts at eight in the morning! That is ridiculously early, I feel, don't they know that we're overworked college kids? Bah. At least I will get it over with and then have until 4pm to study for my final (hah) final in Experimental Methods.

Tonight is the last meeting of the Film Society (CUFS) in which we will say our goodbyes to those going abroad next semester and conduct elections for e-board positions. I am in the running for co-president along with my fellow CUFS member/buddy Mike, and I am hopeful that I will be able to take-over next semester (train with the current presidents) and spend my final year at Clark (next year) leading the club.

To finish up this entry I will mention a somewhat related story that occurred last Thursday during my final class period in Adolescent Development. The professor had mentioned in advance that he had a special surprise for our last class, but no one knew just how freakin' awesome it would be.

On that Thursday, the classroom filled up as usual. I sat in the back and watched people trickle in with their sweaters and scarves and wintery things. Finally the professor walked in (he always had an uncanny ability to walk in just as class was supposed to start) carrying a guitar! And of course I giggled a bit, as did other people. He didn't mention it, just leaned it up against the wall and began class.

In probably the last five minutes, he picked up the guitar and gave us quite a long introduction for the song he was about to perform. He prefaced it by saying that even if we remembered little from Clark, the next three minutes would probably be on the list of most-memorable.

I don't remember many of the words from the song because I was too busy feeling giggly and not being able to make eye-contact with him while he sang. But it was about growing up and finding yourself and wondering how things will turn for the future. It was not painful to listen to, and it was an awfully sweet and silly gesture.

Alright, I'm leaving now to continue studying and things! Goodbye for now, and best wishes to everyone on this very rainy day.

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