Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finals Week! Two Lists of Four.

Hello! It has been a while, and for that I am apologetic.

Currently I'm working through my final papers/presentations/studying, etc. It's finals week! Undergrad courses finish up on Monday, and my COPACE course ends this Wednesday.

This is my list of things that will be completed by the end of the semester:
(1) final draft needed for my psychology capstone paper regarding prosopasnosia,
(2) a ten-minute presentation + a fifteen-page paper for my COPACE course on Death & Dying, regarding suicide as a choice,
(3) a ten-page take-home final for American Jewish Life regarding choice in American Judaism, and
(4) an in-class final exam for Hebrew Bible.

For ROCU, our final show of the semester occurred (if you'd like to see our past playlists/become a fan of us/boost my confidence a bit, you can 'like' our facebook page here). And tomorrow evening is the last CUFS meeting of the semester (with elections! I will soon be phased out as a co-president).

Last night was the wonderful Clark Bars' a capella concert (featuring groups from SUNY New Paltz, Skidmore (<-- that's where my sister went to school!), and Mt. Holyoke).

Tonight is the play 4.48 Psychosis, and Monday is RHA's Trivia Night (featuring questions from CUFS and the Clark Historical Society).

The semester (and the year! Ahhh!) is winding up, and I leave in ten days.

Ten days, and then I will have one semester remaining at Clark. This is equally terrifying and exciting and wonderful and nerve-racking.

I'm getting pretty pumped for Winter break in Portland, which will soon be followed by excitement for next semester's classes. To recap, the classes I'll be taking next semester are:
(1) JS 299 - Independent Study with Prof. Fox: which fulfills my Capstone requirement for my Jewish Studies concentration,
(2) PSYC 201 - Lab in Social Psychology: which fulfills my lab requirement for my psychology major,
(3) PSYC 249 - Women in Society: which fulfills my first seminar requirement for my psychology major,
(4) SOC 258 - Women in Jewish Culture: which fulfills no requirements but is about both ladies and Jewish culture, two things I love. Additional bonus: it will be taught by Prof. Tenenbaum, with whom I took a course this semester and enjoyed greatly.

So there you have it! I shall depart from the internet now, in hopes of working on some papers for a bit before the play this evening.

I hope finals week is going swimmingly for everyone partaking.

Happy Saturday!


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