Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick Update - Spring Semester Registration

I have officially registered for courses for the Spring semester! Hooray!

At first, I was incredibly excited. But then it dawned on me - my last semester at Clark?! Oh, the nearness of the real-world is intimidating.

Here is a summary of my courses for my next (and final undergraduate!) semester:
1. PSYC 201 - Lab in Social Psychology (which will fulfill the Lab/Research requirement for my psychology major)
2. PSYC 249 - Women in Society (which will fulfill the Seminar requirement for my psychology major)
3. JS 299 - Independent Study with Everett Fox (which will fulfill my Capstone requirement for my Jewish Studies concentration)
4. IDND 1630 - World View of the Bible (which is a COPACE course that doesn't fulfill any requirements, but sounds interesting)

And then I'm done! It's hard to believe that I've been here for nearly four years. A wonderful, speedy four years.

I won't write much more because
1. I'm running on a lot of coffee and not much else
and 2. I'm off to work soon (I'm projecting The Little Mermaid for a screen studies class this evening).

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! I'll update soon on my class projects.

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