Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Beginnings of Courses & Clubs

Happy Friday (my apologies to your ears - it's just too relevant to pass up)!

I'm quite fond of my schedule for this semester at Clark - I work my projectionist job Monday through Wednesday, and I have classes from Monday through Thursday. Fridays are mine for homework, laundry, sleeping in, or taking walks through Worcester. I'll have to remember to bring my camera next time, so I can post some pictures.

Since updating last, I have gone to my official first COPACE class. I am very excited for this course, the syllabus seems very closely catered to my tastes. It's also a very small class, only seven students, which I personally find more favorable than large classes (though I must say, I haven't had too many huge classes at Clark throughout my years here).

So, my COPACE course, officially titled "The Final Chapter: A Study of Death and Dying" at first appears somewhat macabre. However, we will be viewing the topic from a social services viewpoint, colored with a sociological lens - it's more of a course that enables us to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional/psychological processes of death, the cultural attitudes associated with death, and to gain knowledge of community resources. Which, as I mentioned previously, is right up my alley; this course will be delving into the very topic that would be relevant to my career as either a hospice worker or Jewish chaplain.

I'll update with specifics as the course progresses.

Yesterday evening I attended a couple of club meetings. I'm very excited to continue being a radio DJ for ROCU this year, and in addition to continuing my co-presidency at CUFS, I'm also joining a new club - the SPOC book club. For those who are unfamiliar, SPOC stands for Science fiction People Of Clark. I'm excited for the book club because 1. I'm quite fond of reading books and yet 2. haven't read many science-fiction/fantasy books. I'm hoping to gain more exposure to the genres through this club.

Again, I'll update more with specifics as we begin to choose the books for the semester.

So, I shall spend the rest of my Friday getting ahead on my reading for the next week, and possibly doing some laundry. I hope everyone enjoys the sunny weather today!

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