Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye for Now, Clark! Final Reflections

The end of the semester is very close now - I leave in less than a week! Three exams to go, and then I'm done foreverrrr! Just kidding, I mean I'm done until summer classes start up.

Overall, my junior year has been filled with challenging courses, new friendships, new jobs, and difficult circumstances to overcome. But it's been very enjoyable! Along with working hard in my courses, I hosted and prepared playlists for my own radio show on ROCU (Radio of Clark University) and I successfully led my first semester as a co-president of CUFS (Clark U Film Society). I lived an entire year with a male roommate without either of us driving the other crazy, and I lived happily in a substance-free dorm. I attended various performances, improv shows, movies, and activities. It was a great year!

Although I'm pleased to be (nearly) done, I will miss Clark dearly over the summer. Today I filmed a video of  what I'm going to miss about Clark while I'm home. I apologize for the rain! On the upside, everything is looking wonderfully green.

Thank you to everyone who followed and kept up with my blog! I really enjoyed updating it, and I hope it gave everyone a nice look into what life as a psychology student & Jewish Studies concentrator is like at Clark.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer!

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