Saturday, April 16, 2011

Springing into Spring (at Clark)

It finally feels like spring!

Clarkies have been celebrating with the help of Clark-funded events this week. On Sunday I attended Woo-Stock, sponsored by Students Activities Board and Student Leadership & Planning. It was situated on the green between the University Center and some of the academic buildings. I sat on a blanket with some friends and we watched bands while enjoying free bread (provided by Panera) and coffee (provided by Acoustic Java). There were some inflatables, music, and just generally happy students lying around on the grass in the sun.

students playing Hacky Sack!

students lying on the green next to Red Square (the building pictured is the University Center)

one of the inflatables set up at Woo-Stock

"Survay Says" performing in front of Jefferson Academic Center

This past Tuesday was another fun Clark tradition - Spree Day! Fear of rain led to inflatables being set up in the Kneller Athletic Center. Classes were cancelled, registration opened at 8am, and students lined up to try to receive one of the 300 free t-shirts being distributed at the Info desk in the University Center. Free food was provided, and happy students milled about for most of the day participating in the activities; playing on the inflatables, using the photo booth set up in the Kneller, gathering free food from the cafeteria. At one point there were four booths out in front of the Kneller: one handed out huge (and I mean super big) bags of kettle corn, another gave out ice-cream, another gave out pretzels, and the fourth handed out cotton candy.

(Click here for a Clarkie-filmed video of Spree Day from the Clark youtube page!)

Although I've been enjoying these lovely Spring breaks from class, work has definitely not ceased (soon! only a few weeks of class left). Tomorrow I will hopefully (& finally) conduct my interview for Qualitative Methods. There was a bit of a mix-up timing-wise, it was difficult to try to coordinate separate interviews for everyone in the class, but it seems as though tomorrow will be sufficient.

I'm going home for Passover this upcoming Sunday, so I will back in Portland on Monday/Tuesday. My professors have been understanding (one of them even cancelled class because he will be observing the holiday as well) but I will have to do some preemptive make-up work before I leave.

Additionally, I'm still in the process of figuring out how to fulfill my graduation requirements appropriately so as to limit my chances of having to stay a semester late; it's an issue of getting into the courses I need rather than an issue of time, so over-extending my stay seems silly. However, I have been corresponding with different department heads and offices at Clark and it seems as though things will settle into something manageable eventually.

Now I will head out to prepare my interview for tomorrow and to finish up some Astronomy and Human Sexuality homework. I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!

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