Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inglorious Updates

Lately all I've wanted to do is write letters from the 4th floor of Goddard Library and to lie in bed and watch "Scrubs". But then I probably wouldn't do any of my work and then I might not receive favorable grades. So, instead of doing those things aforementioned, I am preparing a presentation for Friday's Women in Society class while I screen Inglorious Basterds for SCRN 114.

On Friday, my presentation-partner and I will present on six theories related to the construction of womanhood. Using course readings and class notes, we are supposed to examine the theories and answer the following question: "are the explanations proposed in these various theories similar, compatible, complementary, or inconsistent? Which is which? Explain your answer."

Each group in the class has their own question to answer, but since the course is a seminar set-up, everyone will be required to have done at least a bit of preparation for each question.

In addition to preparing for Friday's presentation, I have also been spending my time on data-entry for Lab in Social Psych, and on a bit of research for my Jewish Studies capstone. I am sad to report that I'm fairly far-behind, at least when taken into consideration a reasonable expectation of how much I can write in a short period of time while simultaneously continuing to do work for my other courses. I am hoping that as data entry wraps up and as I move past smaller projects, more time will open up for other things. But that is a silly supposition, because by that time it will be finals. I'm sure I'll find some time somewhere to squeeze everything in.

Anyway! This weekend there are some great events happening. On Friday, at 7pm, International Gala is holding its annual event in the Kneller Athletic Center, this year called "The Beat Goes On".
And on Saturday, at 7:30pm in Razzo Hall, Clark Sinfonia is holding its Spring Concert! Hooray.

I hope that everyone is doing well! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures from the Campus Green

Students on the green outside of Atwood Hall

Jonas Clark to the left, with a bit of Goddard Library on the right

Some of the cast of Footloose (wearing blue shirts) singing on the campus green

Atwood Hall in the background

Students playing hacky sack 

Students playing Frisbee

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lovely Weather, Papers, & Events

It has been so lovely in Worcester lately! Earlier this week, I was able to spend two days (in a row!) sitting on the green with friends. I was working on papers, which makes it slightly less pleasant, but still! A nice change from sitting inside all day. So many students have been milling about; playing Frisbee, laying around, reading, playing music. I meant to take pictures, but forgot my camera both days. Luckily, Clark University's facebook page posted some of their own. Take a look here.

This week has thus far been busy, but will be full of fun things after tomorrow. For Tuesday I completed both my interview paper for Women in Society, and my introduction & methods drafts for my final research paper in Lab in Social Psych. The interview paper ended up being around fourteen pages, plus an additional twelve/thirteen for each transcript. So many pages! I am endlessly pleased to be done writing it, though it was super interesting to me; I focused on ageism in society, comparing & contrasting my two participants' experiences within the context of articles and books on the subject. So neat! I found, mostly, quite a bit of overlap between their experiences and literature on the subject.

Currently I am at work, screening a Quentin Tarantino film in Razzo for SCRN 114. Soon I will begin studying for my exam in Women in Jewish Culture, which is tomorrow.

But then, after my exam, so many fun things! Tomorrow evening I will be attending opening night of Footloose, hosted by CMT (Clark Musical Theater). I saw Pooter McGraw is Not Dead Party last weekend, but it is playing again this week. Shenanigans is having an improv show tomorrow! And lastly, Clark Historical Society is hosting a Speakeasy club event in the grind on Friday! Which is neat. So many fun things.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely week so far!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Research Approved! & Other Updates

My research proposal (for Women in Jewish Culture) was approved! Hooray. I will be focusing on a piece of midrash by Judith Plaskow; "The Coming of Lilith", written in 1972. It utilizes the rabbinic legend of Lilith to present some significant concepts such as: feminist interpretation of Judaism (anger toward the patriarchies!) and a metaphorical representation of sisterhood to display the strength of the feminist movement. Judith Plaskow is a Clark alumni, which makes this even cooler.

I won't begin working on this paper until a bit later in the semester, however. Currently I'm in the process of transcribing my interviews for my Women in Society paper. I'm excited to be done transcribing so that I can begin to look into how my participants' experiences fit into the overall conceptualizations of ageism displayed in media and texts. This paper is due on Tuesday - fifteen pages! Which feels like a lot, but since I'll be including quotes from the interviews and relevant information from the literature, it shouldn't be so difficult.

Also due on Tuesday are my introduction & methods sections for my final research paper in Lab in Social Psychology. In class we'll be working on data entry, so I anticipate gathering more data over the weekend so as to make the best of that class time.

And, finally, for my Jewish Studies independent study I'll begin to examine a book titled Illness and Health in the Jewish Tradition: Writings from the Bible to Today. This book seems 100% relevant considering the topic I'll be focusing my final paper on - biblical dictations of how to treat ill folks compared to more modern interpretations. I'm excited to begin formatting an outline of thoughts for how I'd like to write the final paper.

It's a bit rainy today, but I've been hearing rumors that Monday will be much warmer. I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photos of Clark Buildings & American Gothic

I'm having a bit of a busy week, but here are a couple pictures of Clark buildings (they are in my computer but were taken by another Clarkie) to tide you over until my next text-post. I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather, and happy pi day!

Carlson Hall - photo credit to Curran O'Donoghue '15

23 Maywood - photo Credit to Curran O'Donoghue '15

Our version of American Gothic (in front of 23 Maywood) - photo credit to Katie Baer

Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-Spring Break! Quick Class Updates

Spring break is over! And I am surrounded by beautiful sunshine and warm weather and piles of so much homework (but surprisingly little snow). All I want to do is hang out on the green with the hundreds of other Clark students who, it appears, have finally emerged from winter hibernation and are, as I type, likely playing Frisbee. Alas. Homework prevails.

Over the break I spent time in Portland (Maine!), where I hung out with cats and pals and successfully completed a portion of the interview project for Women in Society. I interviewed two women of two different generations regarding their experiences with age and ageism. The interviews were successful, thanks to lovely participants, and this week I will transcribe the interviews, and then hopefully write the paper this weekend (the class received an extension on the due date! Great things).

For Lab in Social Psychology, we are still in the process of data collection. At some point this week I hope to have time to collect the majority of the data, if not all of it. Soon we will have drafts of our introductions and methods sections due, and then we will have to start the process of data entry and conclusion-gathering. I have thus far found one article to aid in my literature review, but am still on the look-out for more.

Right before Spring Break began, each student turned in a research proposal to the professor for our final papers in Women in Jewish Culture. I am hoping to write about feminist midrash, but will not know until sometime this week if my proposal has been approved.

And for my independent study/capstone for Jewish Studies, I have looked through a bit more of the psalms (despite my original discomfort with them) and am looking forward to reading a book that Prof. Fox ordered regarding illness and comfort.

This week will be busy (I have a pal visiting! + homework and things), but I will try to keep updating on my courses. This Friday is a senior event: the "2012 Hours Till Graduation" dance, which is exciting. Also beginning this week is a Clark play called "Pooter McGraw is Not Dead Party", which is also exciting. And on Friday, CUFS will be screening a documentary regarding suicide at 9pm in Jefferson 320.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather! To contrast Worcester's recent warmth, here's a photo of the snow in a cemetery in Portland through which I strolled only days ago.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Break! Woo.

So, it's nearly Spring Break. And... we just had a lovely snowfall yesterday. Oh, weather, you're so confused.

Happy belated Leap Day! Clark hosted a LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice) event on February 29th - judging from the facebook photos posted of students leaping on LEEP Day, I'd say it was successful. I was unable to attend, but have heard good things from those who were able to go.

Things are more or less calming down for week; I have one more class to attend (Women in Society), a brief meeting with my professor to discuss my preferred topic for the interview project, and then I'm finished! Well, a bit of packing and deciding on which bits of homework to bring home, and then it's Maine & cats until the 10th.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Spring Break!